"It is hard to believe that I have only been home from Medjugorje for two weeks, since I cannot wait to return! I wanted to thank you for your assistance in arranging the trip. As you know, although I felt a deep calling to go, I was more than a bit apprehensive about traveling so far from home and without anyone I knew.

From beginning to end, the trip exceeded my expectations! As soon as I met the group in DC, I knew I had made the right decision. Father Charlie and Joanne were clearly “old pros” at the trip, and they knew how to put everyone at ease while we got to know each other. In addition, our group was a combination of people like me who were experiencing Medjugorje for the first time, and others returning for another trip.

Coming from someone who usually spends her vacations in the Caribbean, Medjugorje for me was the most beautiful and peaceful place that I have ever been. It truly seems to be a bit of “heaven on earth”!

Your brother Bruno took great care of us, and by the end of the week, I think we all felt like family. And the food was fantastic! I did manage to fast on Wednesday and Friday, but it was a battle!!

There are too many highlights to try to explain in a short note. However, among the most memorable moments for me included: the Eucharistic Adoration outside, the English Mass with 30 priests con-celebrating, the trip up Apparition Hill and Cross Mountain, the International Mass with the gospel read in 10 different languages, the nightly rosary with the parish and the October 2nd apparition by Our Lady. Each activity gave me a greater appreciation for our Catholic faith, and the gift that Jesus and Mary have given each one of us they have called to Medjugorje.

I truly appreciated the care with which Father Charlie and Joanne planned our days. In short, we had a group activity everyday that made the most of our time in Medjugorje, but also had plenty of time for personal reflection. It was not a busy tour, but truly a pilgrimage which I believe touched each one of us in a special way!

My heartfelt thanks to you, Bruno, Joanne and Father Charlie for the most memorable experience of my life. I am keeping all of you in my prayers daily. And I look forward to a return trip to Medjugorje very soon.

God bless you!"

- Kelly McCready


"I went to Medjugorje for the second time after attending Youth Festival 2009. I thought that my first time to Medjugorje was glorious and beyond my imagination
but this summer went far beyond my expectations. With 45,000-50,0000 pilgrims
coming to this small village I thought that there would be chaos and agitation with the
hot temperatures of July, but the hand of the Lord was upon us and Our Lady's presence there made everything go peacefully and harmoniously.

Our group was prayerful and supportive of each other and shared lots of laughter
together at the meal table. Worshiping with other pilgrims from around the world in song, dance, prayer, and adoration made our worlds feel closer together.

The best part of the pilgrimage was the time I went up Cross Mountain with Mary R. We decided to go up barefeet and come down with our shoes on. On the way up, at Station 5 where Simon the Cyrenean helps carry the cross for Jesus, I felt so much pain in my feet and started to cry. Mary was behind me and struggling too. An Italian group were following us and two of their pilgrims, Pina and Giuseppe, came up to my sides, grabbed my arms and lifted me up. Their friends assisted Mary up the mountain too. Without them, we could not have made it up the mountain in 2 hours. I had to trust them and they had the heart to help a stranger. We didn't speak the same language but we understood the language of the heart. When we reached the top, we shared the joy of meeting each other by faith. It was another glorious memory I could take home with me.

Many thanks to Father Charlie, Joanne, Bruno and Zdenko for making this pilgrimage possible for all of us. I hope those who have never been to Medjugorje take that first trip which will make heaven on earth a reality."

Love in Jesus and Mary,

- Leah Gertrude Shakal, Obl.OSB

Good Bye Andy

Andy Zovko's Experience and Healing Gift, affirmed by the Archdiocese of Chicago

Andrija Zovko - samozatajni i nesebični djelitelj plodova Međugorja

Fruit of the Vine Fr. David Simonetti-Chicago gives his testimony.


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